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If you are working for yourself these days, you probably have a couple business use credit cards in your wallet already. More than ever, small business owners are using business credit cards to help finance their businesses and manage cash flow. You can browse through this month's offers, some of which offer nice rewards programs.

Some people have good credit; some people have bad credit. It's always been this way. If you happen to have a rough looking credit history, credit cards for poor credit are designed to give you some of the benefits of having a platinum card, without making you prepay or load your account like a secured card would. As long as you can handle the responsibility of owning a card, it makes sense to keep a card handy for emergencies or for those situations where you can't use a check or cash, such as reserving a motel room or purchasing something online.

Searching for just the right card? Check out the top credit card applications and find the right card online. There are several good Visa and MasterCards available in all categories right now, from platinum rewards cards to secured card accounts.

A prepaid credit card is a card that you load or fund with your own money before you can actually use it to pay for anything. Why would you do this? A prepaid card offers all of the handiness and convenience of a regular card, yet it makes it impossible for you to spend more than what you can afford to spend. Plus, a prepaid card is more secure than a checking account debit card.

Most parents help their kids pay for college through savings plans such as 529 plans, but most students still need to borrow money for college. Besides federal loans, many private lenders offer competitive student loans than parents and students can apply for online. Browse through some of these loan offers and see if one is right for your situation.

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